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主 催 : Japan Club of Sydney & JCS Rainbow Project
5th Anniversary memorial of the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

– 3.11 あの日から5年 –

5 Years on …….

5th Memorial Anniversary of the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami

The Event Report

5th Commemoration of Japan earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

Revenue / Expenditure / Proceeds
Revenue – AU$42,120.54
Expenditure – AU$20,135.53
Proceeds – AU$21,985.01
We had a turn-out of over 1,000 participants.

Thank you so much for your kind support and cooperation for our cause.
The proceeds will be utilized to provide respite care to students from Tohoku in Sydney who were affected by the 2011’s earthquake & tsunami disaster through JCS Rainbow Stay Project. This year in August, the students from Minamisoma city in Fukushima will visit Sydney for 10 days and they will showcase samurai siege performance.

多くのご支援のおかげで集まりました義援金は、東日本大震災により影響を受けた被災学生達の保養ホームステイプロジェクト(JCS Rainbow Project) の渡航経費に宛てさせていただきます。今年8月は、福島県南相馬市の学生達がシドニーに滞在します。

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan, unleashing a savage tsunami.
The number of confirmed deaths is 15,891. Most people died by drowning. More than 2,500 people are still reported missing.More than 5,000 aftershocks hit Japan in the year after the earthquake, the largest a magnitude 7.9.In Japan. Residents are still recovering from the disaster

Show our solidarity

This March is the 5 year anniversary of the Tohoku disaster in Japan. To show our support to the people still recovering from the disaster, there will be a commemorative ceremony and huge charity event held in Manly, featuring Japanese music and dance performers, cultural activities, special guests from Japan.
We would like you to join our heartfelt ceremony and vigorous event on 11th and 12th of March in Manly.

The Events

Here in Sydney, we shall hold our commemoration.To be held across 11th &12th March, It will include a concert, featuring traditional Japanese dance, music and performance, with cultual talks, and a cosplay event. Special guest will also be invited, from Japan and here, to show their appreciation for the heartfelt support given by the people of Australia.

  • The Consul-General of Japan will make opening speech on March 11th at 4pm.
  • At 14.46,Japan time,16:46 Sydney time on 11th March, we will link, via screen, to the official Fukushima commemoration in Japan, for a live – one minutes silence.
  • Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Australia’s exclusive message to Tohoku will be broadcast.
  • A special commendation shall be awarded to the Australian Rescue Team, who attended the disaster zone of Tohoku, by students from Tohoku Uni.
  • Students from Fukushima University will make speech who spoke at the UN Disaster Prevention Council.
  • Mr Takeshi Matsunaga, 4th generation traditional potter from Namie-city in Fukushima will make a speech.
  • Live performance by internationally acclaimed violinist Ms Ayako Ishikawa from Japan.
  • Live concert by the Celebrity singer and Pokemon voice over artist, Rica Matsumoto, shall be singing Pokemon song and entertaining with her message.
  • Performances of traditional Japanese art and music by Japanese performers.
    ( Japanese Drum, Samurai dance, Traditional dance, Koto, Shakuhachi, Imperial music, Calligraphy, Karate , Traditional music etc).
  • Japanese young people’s culture [Cosplay] contest.
  • Photo exhibition of the Tohoku disaster areas will be display.
  • The booth where children play Japanese traditional toys.
  • Traditional craft items from the Tohoku disaster areas will be on display.

Veune 1 / St Matthews Chruch, Manly

St Matthews Chruch is Manly-Warringah’s oldest continuing church.
It contains, 300 seats, a concert stage and a large digital screen.
Our memorial concert will be held on 11th and 12th of March.

Venue 2 / Corso Promenade, Manly

Manly’s 1.5km kilometre-long golden beach is one of Australia’s most popular. Manly is a great beach for the whole family. From the harbour foreshore, the palm-tree lined Manly Corso leads you to the Steyne.

11th of March / Commemoration

St Matthews Church
    • [ 16:00  ~  Free Entrance ]
    • 16:00          Ayako Ishikawa Violin Concert
    • 16:46          1 Min Silence
    • 16:50          Commendations to the rescue team
    • 17:05          Julia Gillard Video Message
    • 17:10          Short Film, Speech
    • 18:00         Pop Music,Traditional Dance
    • 18:30         Choir, Calligraphy
    • 19:00         Japanese Drum

12th of March / Special Concert

St Matthews Church
    • [ 10:00  ~  $20 Ticket (15yrs over) ]
    • 10:00       Taiko,Julia Gillard Video Message
    • 10:30       Calligraphy,Traditional Dance
    • 11:20       Speech by Guests from Fukushima
    • 12:00       Shakuhachi,Koto,Song,Karate
    • 13:30       Ayako Ishikawa Violin Concert
    • 14:00      Hip Hop Dance, Pop Music Concert
    • 15:00       Cosplay contest, Rica Matsumoto
    • 17:15       Ayako ishikawa Violin Concert

12th of March / Charity Event

Corso, Manly
    • [ 10:00  ~ Free Entrance ]
    • 10:00           Live Band, Kids Dance
    • 11:00           Cosplay Attraction Games
    • 12:00           Pop Music, Yo-Yo,
    • 13:00           Folk Dance, Kids Cheerleading
    • 13:45           Ukulele, Folk Song
    • 14:30           Hip Hop Dance
    • 15:00           Kids Cheer Leading
    • 15:10           Soran Dance

*Performance schedule subject to change.
*Cosplayer who registered cosplay contest doesn’t require purchasing the entry ticket.


Julia Gillard
Former Prime Minister of Australia

Julia Gillard was the first world leader to tour the devastated region of Minami Sanriku, Tohoku.
Her exclusive message to Tohoku will be broadcast at the commemoration.
More Info

Rica Matsumoto
Singer and Pokemon
Voice over artist

Rika Matsumoto shall be singing Pokemon song and entertaining with her message.

More Info

Ayako Ishikawa

Ayako Ishikawa is an internationally acclaimed violinist, who has been supporting Tohoku by playing her violin. She will be performing live at our event in Manly.

More Info

Wadaiko Rindou
Japanese Drum

Wadaiko Rindo is a Japanese drumming ensemble. The team was established by master Toshi Sakamoto in 1996 Melbourne.

Japanese Folk Dance

We, Japanese Folk Dance Group, formed 15 years ago with 17 members. Our folk dance is traditional activity for Matsuri in Japan.

Satsuki Odamura

Satsuki Odamura is a Japanese koto virtuoso, who has pioneered the teaching and performing of this ancient Japanese instrument in Australia.More Info

Shigeki Sano
Imperial Music

Gagaku is one of oldest forms of art music in the world. It uses three types of music instrument : stringed, wind and percussion.

Ren Yano

Japanese traditional calligraphy SHODO artist. Artwork, ’Furusato” is a national property of Japan. He teaches SHODO at his RENCLUB.More Info

Sydney Soran
Dancing Troupe

JCS Sydney Soran Dance Troupe will deliver their energetic Yosakoi Soran Dance.

Full Moon Band
Live Music

Full Moon Band usually plays Japanese Pop music and English standard Rock music.


Kyokushin means “the ultimate truth.” it is rooted in a philosophy of self-improvement, discipline and hard training.
More Info

Bronwyn Kirkpatrick 尺八

She is a Shakuhachi player, a prize winner at the prestigious All-Japan National Music (Hogaku) Competition. More Info

Cosplay Contest

Sare is a Sydney-based cosplayer who specialises in anime, manga and Japanese game cosplays.

Junko Hirabayashi
Traditional Dance

Junko learned Japanese dance in Tokyo and resides in Sydney. She performs regularly and holds workshops.

Pop singer

QP☆Honey is Japanese pop duet singer. They play at concert, event, festival.


We learn not only dancing but also develop physical strength, how to cheer people, teams, friends, family and themselves!

Makoto Tanaka
Folk Singer

I feel honoured that I can sing in this warmed event. I would like to send my songs with all my love.

Sydney Sakura Choir

Sydney Sakura Choir was established in April 2014 in Sydney as a choir group with a repertoire of mainly Japanese songs.The group is conducted by Dr Sadaharu Muramatsu who is the formal conductor for the Strathfield Symphony Orchestra.

Yu Ni On

In 2005, Graham Hilgendorf and Masae Ikegawa formed Yu Ni On, a duet for taiko, percussion and more!。More Info

Izumi& The Ukulele
Rainbow band

We will perform original songs to commemorate the Japanese disaster with the band featuring the bright sound of the ukulele.

Endeavour Harmony Chorus

Australia’s premier female a-cappella ensembles, Endeavour Harmony Chorus achieved a place in the Top 10, a first for an Australian Chorus at the world Chorus championships 2015.


The band “ANCIENT CLAN” present you great songs and commemoration song for you and people who involved in this disaster.


Founded in 2002 as the first street dance studio of Sydney, we pride our selves in providing the finest instructors who are authentic and are true pioneers in their expertise of dance.

Wayne X
Yo-Yo Performer

Wayne aims to merge modern yo-yo techniques with other artistic elements to deliver inspirational performances.


We have formed our team that aim to express our gratitude and would like to cheer you up, encourage you, and make you and Sydney smile.

Tentatively Sawayaka Band

Japanese band based in Sydney. Mainly plays Japanese fork, pop and rock (incl original songs).

Hiroki Iijima

Let’s sing together the song about the importance of keeping our dreams.
We can show our love and support for Tohoku.


Shigenobu Watanabe
Rev Shigenobu Watanabe

Hongwanji Buddhist Mission of Australia. He officiates services, visits hospitals & school to promote Buddhism.

Takeshi Matsunaga
Fukushima Souma Potter

The 4th generation, president of famous OBORI SOMA YAKI – Pottery of Fukushima.

Rescue Team
Mr Kim Reeson

Fire & Rescue Australia is one of first rescue teams to have visited Tohoku disaster area.The leader of the team will make a speech..。More Info

Students from Tohoku

The students from Fukushima and Sendai tell you extraordinary story about their experience of Tohoku disasater.


Tetsuro Kameyama

Tetsuro is a professional photographer. He has so far visited “no-go zones” in Fukushima 4 times and been photographing the areas of high-level radiation.

Midori Furze
Origami Artist

Sydney-based contemporary artist. Origami instructor at many events including at the Art Gallery of NSW More Info

Miwa Tamaki
Incense Perfumer

Miwa’s “Team 69, 2000 paper cranes LOVE project” is collecting paper cranes for Sydney across Japan.

Mayu Kataoka

Sydney based photographer – Artistic Trees and Australian native plants, People portrait and Pets.。More Info

*Performance schedule subject to change
*Proceeds from the event go to Rainbow Stay Project that support the children of the Tohoku disaster.

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